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01 June 2013

Volkswagen vehicles sold under the name "Das WeltAuto"

  • Written by Aitor
Volkswagen vehicles sold under the name "Das WeltAuto"

The Lounge Used Vehicle Madrid scenario has been chosen by Volkswagen to debut "Das WeltAuto", The new brand of the Volkswagen Group vehicles.

The market for vehicles is the ideal alternative for customers looking for a vehicle at an affordable price, but with all the guarantees of reliability offered a new car. Thinking about these users, is born "Das WeltAuto"The new brand Grupo Volkswagen Used Car. "Das WeltAuto" underscores the importance of multi-dimension Grupo Volkswagen and focuses on the values ​​you want to convey through their vehicles: quality, trust, reliability and transparency.

"'Das WeltAuto' It is unlike anything that exists in the market today. We have created a global brand, which promises to our customers shopping experience with the same degree of service and quality we offer to buyers of new vehicles. And we do all brands of vehicles, even those that are not part of Grupo Volkswagen"Said Francisco Pérez Botello", director of Volkswagen Spain.

The range of vehicles "Das WeltAuto" offers a wide range of age and mileage options, which are classified in the "Selection" (under 24 months or less 30.000 miles), "chance" segments (between 2 and 5 years, or 30.000 and 100.000 kilometers) and "Opportunity" (between 5 and 7 years or until 150.000 miles). By including vehicles of all brands, even those that are not part of Grupo VolkswagenThe richness and versatility that the client can be found at "Das WeltAuto" is unmatched. With certified Volkswagen review, Brand subjected to all vehicles a thorough mechanical and visual inspection, ensuring a high level of security.

"We see a great opportunity for 'Das WeltAuto'. Near an 50% of buyers opt for vehicles models less than seven years old, exactly the market you are targeting 'Das WeltAuto'. Now we can offer a certified product with the most stringent quality controls Volkswagen, "continues the director. Thus, all vehicles sold under the umbrella of "Das WeltAuto" have a quality certificate that guarantees that have successfully passed the review process, and a certificate of mileage.

In addition, marking "Das WeltAuto" has associated a large number of services, such as the European 24 months warranty up to all vehicles, covering the repair on Official Network Volkswagen throughout Europe, and concierge service that takes care of any unforeseen anytime. Moreover, clients can choose customized financing deals, in addition to offer your old vehicle as part payment. The ability to customize the vehicle, adding components or equipment, is an example of the versatility of the program.

"Das WeltAuto" will have its own dealer network Volkswagen, Where customers can also test driving the vehicles, without any compromise. The brand "Das WeltAuto" and is operational in over 20 countries such as Germany, China, Japan or the United States.

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