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09 December 2012

Volvo Trucks make a remote control for easy truck loading and save time

  • Written by Aitor
Volvo Trucks make a remote control for easy truck loading and save time

For drivers, loading and unloading trucks is an activity that takes time. That's why Volvo Trucks has developed the Remote Control, which makes it simple system. The benefits translated and reduced costs for transport companies and a better working environment for drivers.

Until now, to see if the weight was well distributed loads, the driver had to go up and down several times to the cabin to watch the battery indicator on the instrument panel. The work of raising and lowering the truck is also done from the cab, which takes time, is tired and represents a fall hazard to the driver.

Just to save time and reduce the risk factor, Volvo Trucks has developed the Remote, a wireless device that provides all these functions that a driver needs when loading or unloading Control. With the Remote Control can control the raising and lowering of the air suspension of the truck to kneel the vehicle, activating the PTO and the engine speed regulation. You can also associate with the extra features of the Remote Control panel instruments, such as checks or crane tippers.

"On the Remote Control, the driver can immediately see the charging indicators, weight and weight distribution on both axles and the truck box. In other words, the driver has in his pocket all the information you need, instead of having to go to and from the cab to the box. So charging is more efficient, "adds Christer Pehrson.

Remote Control will launch with the new Volvo FH and will be available in the market in 2013.

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