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Injector calibration table

3 weeks before 2 days #53939 by  hkm
Hello friends of MDM, I am starting to check common rail injectors and a few days ago I acquired a bank for NT300 pumps (Chinese) which I complemented with a Common Rail Simulator CRS 3 (also Chinese) which I used to use with a manual pump for check the opening of the injectors and return in a very basic way but functional in my place of residence where there is no easy access to technology or information.

The problem I have in this minute is to know if what I am measuring is within the established parameters or not.

For example, an 0445110 092 bosch injector when simulating the test at 7 hz 700us 200 rpm and 250 pressure bar on the line, gives me a delivery of 24 ml and 16 ml return, but I don't know if the value or the parameters are correct with The ones I am working on. I only know that if the return is not greater! at least the vehicle will start, which in 80% of the cases they do not do and when repaired (change nozzle valve and seals) if they improve. but they are left with rattles or smoke between changes.

Will anyone in the group have information or check tables of some injectors that they can share?

from already thank you very much ..

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