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Iveco Daily

7 years 10 months before #22081 by  puma_01
Iveco Daily Posted by puma_01
Hi all I have a daily truck that burn are a number 5 fuse that controls dash indicators (temperature, fuel mileage ...) I put a new one and returned to burn, check the fuse box under the dash and behind vi the wires to the fuse were burned and kisiera change but I think I should remove the board for this or is there another way to do it seen that the cables are all burned and there must be a reason Are? :S

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8 months 2 weeks before #53304 by  Huevopluss
Answer of Huevopluss about the topic Iveco Daily
The same thing happens to me, I do not walk the board, I disconnected it, and it continues in xorto the fuse, probe disconnecting the lights and keeps doing short, I do not find where the short can be in that same fuse. Please help!

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8 months 2 weeks before #53309 by  tuning1213
Answer of tuning1213 about the topic Iveco Daily
it's the fuse

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