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sprinter 2005 goes off by itself and does not start

11 months 2 weeks before #52705 by felipeypablo
felipeypablo Posted: sprinter 2005 goes off alone and will not start
Good evening, I have a sprinter 2005 year, suddenly the engine began to work unevenly, the vehicle went on and off the engine, checked the entire oil line, repaired the starter, changed the oil filter, the oil tank was removed and completely cleaned, walked well for about 15 minutes and then stopped and will not start anymore, now the crankshaft sensor is bought to change it_ (in which part is located and how can it be changed without going to a mechanic) and with this I will have solved my problem, since it also loses force and the edc on the instrument panel, please I need that they orientate to me because we can not find the fault to him and if changing the sensor of the crankshaft stop for ... thank you

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11 1 months prior week #52713 by maurog
maurog answered the topic: sprinter 2005 goes off alone and does not start
hello for me has a problem of return of injectors if the fuel was very bad sure affect to the injectors with only that fails one is enough that it does not start since it is common rail greetings

I want what you got here xD

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