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Sprinter 312

8 months 2 weeks before #53499 by  adrsil1
Sprinter 312 Posted by adrsil1
Hello, I have a Sprinter 312 and some time ago I started to notice that it raises temperature ... but then I noticed that the temperature increase occurs when I accelerate, when I raise the windows (also when lowering them), when I turn on the air ... The needle reaches 120 and immediately falls ... the same when it is idle sometimes the needle goes up to 110 and goes down to 80 ... it is constantly going up and down ... although there are times when it goes well.
I took it to an electrician and he told me it's all right ... If someone had something similar or has an idea of ​​what it might be, I'd appreciate it.
Thank you!!!
The following user said thanks: Wilchez

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6 1 months prior week #53718 by  maurog
Answer of maurog about the topic Sprinter 312
change the thermostat and the coolant

I want what you got here xD

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4 6 days prior months #53768 by  ismael53
Answer of ismael53 about the topic Sprinter 312
look at the "viscous" coupling of the fan that may have lost the silicone or whatever it takes and does not turn what it should at the acceleration of there may be that it gets hot by not refigerating well. regards

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