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Accent 2005 crdi does not work

1 1 week day before #53508 by rodrirodriguez77
Accent 2005 crdi does not work Posted by rodrirodriguez77
Good friends
I need help
I have a Accent 2005 CRDI with three pistons
The issue is that he was walking and suddenly stopped and the engine never worked again
I start it and it turns, but as if it had no compression
I already checked that fuel arrives
apply for help
I downloaded the manual but it's not much help

PS: I want to take out the injectors to measure compression but I do not have the torques to reassemble, or a specific disarm guide for injectors.

Any help is welcome
(when there is a problem the mind is blocked)

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3 days 15 hours before #53509 by servilimit
Answer of servilimit about the topic Accent 2005 crdi does not work
Hello rodrirodriguez77.
I have not worked this engine, I have not studied it, but I can tell you that your damage is rare. To begin it is necessary to take out the injectors and test in a bank, if you do not have one near you can do it in the same engine installing it in its same pipe outside of its position and turning the engine, you do not need a special torque to assemble the injectors again or to measure the compression, the arrival of fuel to the injector does not mean that everything is fine, you have to check the pressure and one of them is from the transfer pump and filter outlet. As I say, I do not know that engine, but I hope I could have helped you,

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