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Overheating of Ford Ka

1 4 weeks prior month #53808 by  I edwingranado
Overheating of Ford Ka Posted by I edwingranado
Greetings to the whole community- I have a Ford Ka model 2007 which was presenting problems of overheating since the electric fan damaged the bearing and I had to take it off. I put a universal one (I am from Venezuela, here it is very difficult to acquire original things). It never went well with that electro because it always reheated, and after a few weeks it also damaged the sensor that triggers the electro. This sensor was not obtained either, to which I resorted to place it "manual", that is to say, to act it by means of a suich in the board, for this I installed a sensor of temperature since the ka does not bring but a light (that never worked from new for true) and monitored the temperature to trigger the suich. It was like this for a few months until a week ago that even then it started to overheat more than necessary and I realized that the water pump was also damaged because there was no water coming out of the recirculation hose. I decided to stop the car and get the way to buy everything again as parts imported from private individuals are arriving. Then buy the baypass (made of aluminum, not plastic like the original one) that comes with the thermostat and the sensor that powers the electric fan. Buy the resistance that goes in the radiator that drives the second speed of the electro, buy the water pump with the aluminum blade (the one that comes with plastic) and also buy the electric fan. All these parts are from Ford Fiesta, which brings the same engine Zetec Ro Cam 1.6 that brings the ka because the Ka is not achieved almost anything. Well, I installed all this, and last night I turned it on for the first time, following what the manual says: place coolant until the level is completed, turn on the operating temperature, turn off the engine, let it cool and complete the fluid level. According to the manual that brings the Ka, the system is self-watering. Well, when the temperature reached 60º the electric fan was normally activated, but the temperature kept rising ... then the second speed of the electro was activated as at 70º or 80º and the temperature continued to rise, so I had to turn off the motor. The water was boiling. What I notice is the following: the electric fan rotates very slowly in low, and the high turns as it should turn on low ... But I do not understand why when turning on high does not cool either ... what problem could be presented with my ka? Thanks to those who can help me with this.

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1 1 week prior month #53818 by  I edwingranado
Answer of I edwingranado about the topic Overheating of Ford Ka
Well Thanks to everyone for the absolute lack of cooperation in my problem. In case someone reads this post, the solution was to change the lid of the plastic container. It was fissured and let out the compression that caused the overheating. By accident visualize this problem when cleaning the plastic container. I hope it is useful to someone.

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