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4 1 months prior week #53913 by  joanzaba
Time string Posted by joanzaba
Good morning everyone, I have a problem with the timing of a Nissan Frontier 2001 2.4 Pick-Up engine, they go twice the chain, the first time it happened I put the complete gear chain and tensioner kit and In months later he hopped again, it was placed correctly and it worked another time after he hopped again, apparently everything looks good. Could someone tell me what is going on?
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3 months 2 weeks before #53931 by  Jal
Answer of Jal about the topic Time string
If you tense too much or leave it loose, you will always jump or sweep your teeth, tighten it correctly, when weapons take the belt at the midpoint of the longest section and try to twist it to 90 degrees, if that is the right point, greetings .

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Hello good afternoon I am looking for the service manual or workshop manual of the undefeated honda motorcycle, I am doing a repair to the engine and I need the exact torque and other data, I work as an independent and I want to start collecting the manuals for my workshop, I I am very grateful to the person who can provide me with the manual. Thank you very much for your time.
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