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as tinted car panes

9 years 6 months before #11849 by  ramonbl
as tinted car panes Posted by ramonbl
I want to tint car windows myself and wanted to know if any habeis hecho.Gracias.


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9 years 5 months before #12082 by  wuolfgan
Answer of wuolfgan about the topic as tinted car panes
if you and I do not recommend it because it will put you hit when passing the itv and traffic will be more picky, since the films they sell do not all come with tag homologation (which as to bring coats the crystals in a visible) place, I would recommend that if you really want tintarlas moons fences eg a specialist workshop. solarchek ... does not give you as seedy as the sheets look.
If so you still prefer the sheets, be sure to lather the glass without leaving bubbles, or traces of soap, this allows you to accurately position the sheet in place, once done this you let the water and short evaporate the excess with a cutter without loading not to scratch the glass.

hope you Sirba of something and I'll say. :)

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9 years 5 months before #12091 by  ramonbl
Answer of ramonbl about the topic as tinted car panes
Thank you very much for the reply and encourage me and dyeing the two rear doors of the van and I were not so bad for the first time.The equipment you buy in feu vert and comes with stickers and homologation papers for itv , they bring up the knife and spatula for 16E,


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