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change an engine on the other is it legal?

6 years 7 months before #40615 by  igryo
hi all, my question is in Spain. rebientas is that if the engine of a car can be scrapped and put same engine hp and displacement, manage traffic and the papers are solved.
my question is it could put one of mallor displacement or less remain the same manufacturer? (Example: A4-2.2 1.8 put the audi A4)

2 º and one could put a different engine and different engine manufacturer? HOMOLOGATION through tuning and others. (Example: aston martin db7 1.6 audi engine).

I ask this because I would like to buy a great classic car for weddings and have the reliability of a new engine and vajo consumption. :)

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5 years 8 months before #45569 by  terty
Answer of terty about the topic change an engine on the other is it legal?
You can change the engine you need a paper that is of workshop responsible for that assembled this fine and everything and then you need an engineering project where I usually change several things as buffers brakes ... do you do but that is expensive that if you want to mount another brand.

If same brand pj one seat and the same model and everything just less displacement you have to go to seat to give you the nod and tell you if it could be done or if you are approved but you will have to do engineering project also

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