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digital tachometer for tsuru 2016

3 years 7 months before #51037 by  Jaguarverde
digital tachometer for tsuru 2016 Posted by Jaguarverde
HELLO : Cheer: If the signal for the tachometer is sent in pulses (0v- 5v for example) it would be relatively easy to make a program involving these pulses and use that data for the rpm of the engine. RPM could be displayed on a small LCD screen * 16 2.

The problem is not mechanical :( and it is not clear where to take the signal from the distributor. I understand that within the dispenser the position sensor camshaft (PAL) which detects the rotation speed of the motor through the rotor plate, this produces pulses which are sent to ECM is. apparently it is in the terminal number three in the ECM harness connector where the signal is output for the tachometer (or in this connector is where you the signal distributor ECM arrives?)
Where 1 take the signal for the tachometer
2 voltage values ​​takes this signal? (0v-5v, 0v-12v ....)

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