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Latest from manualesdemecanica.com

Hello Guest, is here the second 2013 newsletter to find out about the new update of our manuals. This time it is mechanical 175 new manuals. As noted in previous newsletters we have created new groups in the social network to share manuals (you can see the instructions for use in THIS MANUAL). These groups are being a success so besides the new manuals 175 repository groups are sharing in this amount of manuals:

CARS: MOTORCYCLES 67 --------- Manuals: 47 V.PESADOS --------- Manuals: Manuals 27 ------ OWNER: 29 Manuals

Second update 2013 175 with new workshop manuals

There exists a second update of manualesdemecanica.com 2013, in this update have been uploaded 175 new shop manuals, these manuals are the new mechanics and repair cars that have been uploaded since 07 / 01 / 2013 ... .

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News on workshopservicemanuals.com

Hi Guest, here comes the second newsletter of 2013 With All information acerca our new manuals. In this update we upload 175 new automotive service manuals. As we say in our previous newsletter we create new groups in our social network to share manuals on it (you can see the instructions for use this groups In this MANUAL). The Mentioned groups are having much success and our user manuals have uploaded the Following additionally to 175 uploaded to the repository:

CARS: ------------ MOTORBIKES 67 MANUALS: ----- HGV 47 MANUALS: 27 -------------- OWNER MANUALS: 29 MANUALS.

Second update of new 2013 175 with workshop manuals

Here is the second update of 2013 in workshopservicemanuals.com, In this update we upload new 175 workshop manuals, These Are the new automotive service and repair manuals That Have Been uploaded since 2013 / 01 / 07 ....

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