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Manual cutting and tractor Pascuali 990 (Spanish)


Manual cutting and tractor Pascuali 990. Explain the functions of each command of the tractor and an exhaustive outline of the pieces with their references. It is in Spanish.

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jose Garrigós 2011-bathroom-11 05 19: 49: 39 This manual is very well had long looking for it, because I have one of these and wanted to know how to start cutting taxes to repair the unit.
Edgar 2012-flowers-04 21 00: 44: 15 thank you very much friend EMILIO excellent document
inot142 2012-07-08 21:32:12 this is priceless companion many thanks
rodrigo 2012-11-10 19:32:38 thanks for the input ... levo time looking for this thanks bye
antonio 2014-08-22 11:23:18 superb, very good input, thanks.
JOSE CASILLAS A. CRESPO 2015-05-11 04: 00: 03 EMILIO grasia buenisimo manual also sought MOTOCULTORES of that mark TE agradesco THE informasion THIS GUIDE
JOSE ANTONIO 2018-05-01 22: 26: 35 THANK YOU I WANT TO RESTORE AN 986 and this serves as a guide even if they are not the same 1000 thanks

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