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VIN Number Information (Spanish)


Information about Number VIN or NIV. It contains its origins and history and the explanation of what each number that composes it means. It is written in Spanish.

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Cesar.Enrique.Granda.Villavicencio 2012-08-29 18:23:08 Thanks buddy this excellent manual Giovas greetings Att. Cesar Enrique
SERGIO CESAR 2012-09-02 21: 05: 35 essential, so you must know everything or mechanic can boast of being a thousand thanks.
Jesús Márquez 2012-09-11 15: 47: 51 Many Thanks
estudiante 2012-10-28 19:58:33 Very useful and interesante.Gracias for it.
Conrad Esteban Oviedo 2012-10-31 20: 58: 07 Basic, basic, but very important, ALL YOU MUST HAVE A MECHANIC'S VIEW WORKSHOP
Jorge 2012-11-02 20:07:43 It is data that empiza be important to know. Thank you.
Alberto Morales-2012 11-06 01: 28: 08 Thank you very much for this help
LUIS OROZCO SALCEDA 2015-02-19 21: 40: 25 thank you very much for the information
Aldo Alejandro Maza 2016-05-25 02: 17: 45 THANK YOU
GERMAN CAMACHO-VALVERDE 2017 10-11 21: 25: 03 German Camacho V. 2017-11-10 Thank you very much is a very important material.

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Well, like the last post, I have to "autoresponder" for the absence of help. . For those novice mechanics like me, who are looking for answers here from the experts, investigate the problem further. The teeth of the press, as the screws are tightened, should be lowered to no less than 7 or 10 mm from the flywheel (depending on each vehicle model). This movement is what allows the press to keep the clutch disc pressed against the steering wheel, as the disc is worn out with use. If when mounting a disc and tightening the nuts of the press, the teeth remained in the same place without descending, when starting the engine, there would simply be no traction, what it would do is slide when releasing the clutch. If, on the contrary, the teeth descend too much, remaining stuck to the steering wheel (which was my case), because there will be nothing that the collar can move, therefore the car will not have a clutch, the disc always being pressed against the steering wheel. This happens for two reasons, the first is that the press is not working well, or that the paste of the disc is very thick, forcing the teeth to fall too low. This was what I could find out about my doubt. I hope this information is useful to someone.


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