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Now comes the new Golf GTI, stronger than ever and introducing a sportier than ever. 211 horses are the ones that make this model the beast of the sixth generation. In mid-April and we can enjoy the GTI, which will be sold with manual six-speed DSG automatic transmission with seven. Prepared as followers of this vehicle with caps, because it will not leave you indifferent.

The Italian brand Alfa Romeo chose February to launch two new engines of Myth. This is a 1.4 120 CV Turbo petrol and diesel Turbo 1.3 90 CV in addition to the previous engines in the range. They are available in Progression and Distinctive finishes, with prices ranging between 16.750 17.900 and euros.

Many people are opting to purchase a used vehicle, with the high price of a new car. At the time of purchase, you look closely at the mileage, condition of the wheels, the interior ... But are we really getting a good deal? It is increasingly difficult to know if we really nailed it. The kings of trick are put to work to provide a completely different aspect of the actual vehicle. Watch appearances!

The fall of car sales because of the crisis, has not been an impediment to the great expectation with which the Geneva Motor Show started, in its 79 edition. More than a hundred new models were presented to the 700.000 attendees, who were able to observe how ecology and avant-garde technology were the common denominators of this meeting.

At a time of global economic turmoil, never wrong products like Tata's latest creation, the Grand Safari 2.2 4 4x140 of CV, with which he intends to stand up to the crisis, as it is one of the SUVs more Cheap the market with an asking price of 18.583 euros.

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