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Triumph motorcycle company of British origin with over a century of history, is celebrating its anniversary. The Speed ​​Triple, one of his most representative models, meets 15 years and that is why the company has launched a limited edition: the Speed. The phantom black metallic paint with hand painted red lines on the rims and characterizes the creation of this memorial. Speed ​​Triple has become one of the biggest hits of the era Hikcley. This limited edition is the best way to pay tribute to a true icon of Triumph.

The Speed ​​Triple and born to be the most popular model of the Hinckley era, selling over 35.000 units since its introduction in 1994. Such is the importance of the Speed ​​Triple Triumph John Bloor, owner of the company has allowed the use of his signature on the fuel tank in this special anniversary edition XV.

This limited edition features an exclusive metallic phantom black with hand painted red lines in tires, along with exclusive logos "15 Anniversary Special Edition" on the back and screen, complete the sophisticated yet aggressive style of this edition Special.

Based 2009 edition of the Speed ​​Triple, comes standard equipped with many exclusive accessories such as screen and keel matching or stylish and comfortable gel seat from the range of genuine Triumph accessories.

José Angel Blánquez, CEO of Triumph Motorcycles Spain, commented on the occasion of this anniversary that "Speed ​​Triple has become one of the biggest hits of the era Hikcley, and embodies the evolution experienced by the brand at this time. In recent 15 years much has happened, but the essence of the first Speed ​​Triple has remained intact, which helps this bike remains one of the most admired in the current market models. This limited edition is the best way to pay tribute to a true icon of Triumph ".

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Boas afternoons can someone help me with a workshop manual for Linde n20? thanks

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Kind regards from Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama right now
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