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What seemed impossible to reach the hands of Toyota. This home has created the first rear seat center airbag in the world, which helps mainly to reduce injuries in a side collision. This new creation will be available at the moment, in a model of Toyota in Japan.

Innovation and development does not stop surprising when applied to vehicles. This time, the surprise gives Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has announced the development of a central airbag SRS (Supplemental Restraint System, Supplemental Restraint System) rear seat, the first in the world to help reduce the severity of secondary injuries to rear seat passengers in a side collision.

The new airbag is mounted in a fixed center console in the back seat, available in a version of a Toyota model to be launched in Japan in the near future. When the vehicle is in a side impact, the airbag deploys from the top of the console, as a barrier that helps reduce injuries caused by passengers colliding with each other or against the computer.

This latest development adds to safety helmet with airbag, which sought to protect the cervical and dorsal area. The airbag is activated in 0,15 seconds after a signal is sent from under the seat of the bike. The widget has a system that is deployed to detect a collision and air bag deploys from the cervical to the seventh vertebra. It is integrated into the back of the helmet.

The helmet incorporates a radiofrequency signal and a rechargeable battery similar to that of the mobile. The operation of the airbag is activated from a control unit under the seat that manages information of the motorcycle in motion, detects the crash and sends the order to the center frequency. The helmet is available in three colors-black, gray and white, and in four sizes.

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