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Update with 42 new workshop manuals and automotive mechanics manuals that have been uploaded from the 09 / 01 / 2010. We hope that the manuals will be very useful, thanks to all those people who have collaborated by uploading these manuals to our page.
Electrical system of Ford Villager 99 Manual. The manual is written in English.
Complete parts catalog of the Genesis 7610S tractor.
Service Manual for all Jeep Cherokee model years and 95 96 is in English but has everything you need for repair, adjustment and maintenance.
Manual electronic systems KA24E Nissan engine valve SOHC 12 English. This engine has been used in the following models. 1 ...
Electric Manual of the Mitsubishi Talon 1996 in English. Very complete with diagram of plates and much more.
Service Manual for Ford Super Duty trucks equipped with LP gas system of production and service for 40501 Tremec manual transmission. Mode ...
Manualde workshop and service manual Honda Rebel motorcycles 250 250 and Nighthawk. The manual is written in English.
Manual repair and service manual bike Honda Biz C100 in Portuguese.
Manual repair of the electrical system in the Corsa B in Portuguese. A hand tool that solves problems controlled by the PCM system.
Workshop manual and repair manual 4H diesel Isuzu engine series. The manual is written in English.
Manual cutting Motorcycle Royal Enfield Model J500 2 1948. The manual is written in English.
Service Manual for Nissan marketed in Europe as platina Clio sedan.
Repair Manual Yamaha Majesty-Skyliner-YP125D YP150D. The manual is written in Italian.
Workshop manual and repair manual Mitsubishi L200.
Workshop Manual and Service Manual Ford Motor 99 Villager. The manual is written in English.

Manual transmission of the Nissan Frontier SEL 2007, 2008 and 2009 model D40T series in Portuguese.
Manual with basic information for the maintenance of the WA-320-5 front loader.
Full workshop manual and repair manual for the Dodge PickUp the Signature applicable to model year 2003.
Practical manual of repair of windows of the Xsara II.
Complete parts for parts of the Seat 850.
Manual of the Scania truck and bus electric system with steering wheel to the left and to the right.
Service Manual Siemens BVA automatic transaxle T96 used Nissan vehicles like the deck.
How to reset the indicators / lights service various makes and models. In English, with pictures.
Exploded view and spare parts catalog Honda CGR 1251 1252-SH in English.
Manual injection system used in Jackson Tecalemit years 60 by BMC models, including Mini. JUAN MEONIZ
Contains all the wiring diagram for the Orion 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, Zetec engine both carburettor and injection engines.
Exploded View and Parts Catalog Motorcycle KYMCO Activ 110 ED.
Owner and user of the bike Husqvarna wr-cr 125 manual Manual. The manual is multilingual (English, Spanish, French, German and ital ...
Electrical diagram of the Volkswagen T2 van for 1977 and 1978 models.
Owner and User's Manual manual Renault Kangoo.
Owner Manual and User 2 Seat Leon in Spanish manual.
Wiring diagrams Citroen Hdi C3 1.4. First open the index file eav022.pdf
Wiring diagrams of the Peugeot HDi 307 2.0. First open the index file eav043.pdf
Spanish version of the workshop manual Nissan Patrol Y61 series. Very complete.
Workshop manual for marine engines Perkins 3.152 series diesel. The manual is written in English.
Workshop Manual for Diesel Peugeot 405 the years to 1989 1993. It is in French but I perfectly understand and will be very useful.
General Repair Manual Seat 1500. The manual is in Spanish.
Electrical wiring and electrical diagrams of the Space Wagon '99.
Complete detailing 12 liter engine volvo penta 1988.
Service manual and repair manual Nissan Tiida (Versa in Nissan marketed as North American).
Complete detailing of the Mazda 3 2004 English, sedan and hatchback models.
Collection 18 9 engine manuals, and 11 12 liters used in trucks and buses Scania.

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