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* Note to users who do not speak Spanish. This website is only allowed to write in English or Spanish, messages in other languages ​​will be deleted.

As we had promised, in addition to uploading videos and photos to groups, it is now possible to upload files to groups to share with other group users. We have also fully integrated the forums with the groups so that the discussions in the groups are always carried out through the forums.

As you can see we have also modified the categories of the forums to adapt them to the new changes. From now on the discussions in the groups will use the forums directly thanks to a complete integration. Besides, from now on, the creation of the groups will be moderated since FINALLY CAN BE UPLOADED TO THE GROUPS so that you can share all kinds of information, but that means that the administrators of the groups will have more responsibility for that reason. we will allow creating meaningless groups. When a group is created, we will contact the administrator of the group to verify that it has a real interest in creating a quality group and if so we will activate the group.

We hope that you use the functions as much as possible especially to share files because the truth is that we do not give supply to review all manuals you send, the new system will be the administrators of the groups who will then leave the files that interest and eliminate those that are not interested.
At first it allow you to share files 50 per group with a maximum of 200MB per file, if some group sees the need to share more files can request it by email or through a private message.

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