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Here you have another collection of all developments that have happened since our last newsletter sending the 9 April. The truth is that it has only been almost a novelty but it is the biggest novelty of the page so far, we have finally put online the social network page.

As accedáis to registered users page as you will see the main page of the social network. The first thing we recommend is that the menu option seleccioneis profile edit profile and fill in the data that is requested especially the data of which is your vehicle, this will allow you to find people in our network with the same vehicle or people who live near you thanks to the city field. We also recommend that you at least upload an identifying image by clicking where it says "change my image". The social network is created so that you create your own groups to share manuals or information, for example a group has already been created to share information about marine engines, groups can be created to promote your own page of mechanics or blog, talk or give information about rallies and other events, promote your workshop (without spamming), create a group about a certain model of car or motorcycle and similar things. To the social network will be added gradually new features that we hope you like and above all we hope YOU PARTICIPATE ACTIVELY.

Along with the social network we've created a series of private forums (unregistered users can not see them) organized by categories that can have groups that are created in the social network. Use forums to promote groups that believe, to upload files (we have increased the maximum file size that you can upload to the forum post 100Mb) and to discuss issues related to each category in question.

To explain the social network interface and some other things as applications that you can add to your profile and others have created this HELP GUIDE.

Another novelty is a new module we added to the page that allows you to send suggestions to the page, and vote on suggestions that others have sent. We take very seriously all your suggestions and try to implement those that are most popular.

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