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In just one month we have done a lot of internal changes on the page. Since the last newsletter we have changed many things almost without you realize such as the version of the social network. Below we detail each of the modifications we have made to the page.

Installed the new version of our social network connector with Facebook

We have already completed the installation of the new version of the social network including Facebook connector, this connector will allow you autentificaros on this site using your Facebook account. No you will have to fill in any forms high, once accedáis simply by clicking on the icon "Connect with Facebook" you ought to compulsorily fill your email data. Also, existing users can join existing account on our site to facebook but for now we recommend it not because the user profile data is lost.

Hope you like this new version, we still have some things that are not working and we need to implement some improvements but overall version and works well.

Later we will be adding new features to this version of the social network, we hope you actively participate in it.

Added new section owner's manuals

Heeding requests from users of our website we will allow from now on that owner's manuals climb. So we've already enabled a new section in our download area where you will go the same brand ranked. We hope you enjoy them. You can access the section from this link

Changes in our social network forums

Several users have told us that the forums of social network groups should be visible to everyone so that they can promote themselves better. We have been meditating and we finally realized that it is probably better that way, that if you ought to be careful with links and emails which have to hide to unregistered users. Therefore from now on the new social network forums are visible to all users but will have to register in order to participate in

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