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hello friends, I have a problem with a motor grader Champion 730 AS year 1996, this does not drive forward and back, if any of you ... Show more

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Larry Walker has created the new topic ' Brake and belt issue?'Forum. 15 hours 12 minutes

Hii ..

On my 03 Civic LX i hit the 300,000 mark so i decided to just replace my rear shoes they were squeaking so i decided to do some general maintenance and they were sure they were on right, did great. But I took the tires off because I had broken a hubcap and it was flapping and driving me crazy so I took them all off and put the tires back on. After that when I stop the rear tires make a scrubbing noise when I stop like normal but if I can not hear it. Anybody have any ideas? While I was doing some general maintenance I went ahead and replaced my belts they were squealing and the power steering belt was squeaking so I replaced them. The A / C belt only squealed when I turned the A / C on and was stopped. I replaced the belts and the squeal and squeak disappeared. The A / C system and there was a lifetime warranty, there was no unusual play in the pulleys, everything was great and it never occurred until a few days later it was again, so I need to readjust my belt? Is it too loose or tight?

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the Internet.

References: -
Teaser trailer



agustin has created the new topic ' Truck mechanics and workshop manual Daf LF55'Forum. 19 hours 8 minutes

Hi, I'm new to this forum, I need the truck workshop manual Daf LF 55 - 45, if anyone has it and can pass it. Thank you


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