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Guillermo Zambrano created the new topic ' b2500 problem with heaters Mazda turbo wl'Forum. 3 hours 9 minutes

I have a problem with a Mazda car b2500 WL, preheaters are burned very quickly and in the mornings when the cold fails, ise some tests on power line heaters and note that the indicator signal reaches normal brand Orbiter the board to start the car but still operate as heaters or 3 4 minutes not know if this is normal in this car because it only lasts the rest of 10 15 seconds to if anyone knows about him like some information agradesere it is normal to continue heating so long and what type should I use heater
thank you very much beforehand greetings


electric seek help

erick created the new topic ' chevrolet Cheyenne manual Mexican 1989'Forum. 4 hours 28 minutes

someone with manual chevrolet Cheyenne Mexican 1989 8 v350 .... the square is being as the pick up 1984 model appreciate it if someone had yu manual will happen to me .. thanks


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