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DuranRod2013 He has responded to the topic 'RAV4? 2001,2002,2003,2004 WITH IMMOBILIZER?'Forum. 13 hours 47 minutes

Mr. Molina, good afternoon. I found your video looking exactly the problem I have with two RAV4 one model and a 2003 2007. They would start after the battery is disconnected for charging. I wanted to ask if there is any order to disconnect and re-connect the white plugs to the ecu or randomly. Try doing to 9 times but has not worked for me yet.
I appreciate your support. Happy afternoon


Andrà © s § Fernà andez He has responded to the topic 'Rare and strong noise in the engine'Forum. 16 hours 14 minutes

I see your query, and about, although I'm not a mechanic, but automotive electronics technician, had diagnosed a few years ago one EJ20 subaru, which had a somewhat ugly noise and vibration to the motor according to the speed increased. The first vibration appeared to 1.400 rpm approximately, and then appeared as sub-multiple of the frequency. After much spinning by electronic control systems, measuring oscilloscope sensors and actuators, I came to the conclusion that the noise was mechanical, motor side it sounded was isolated and determined to review the basics. The cylinder head, pulling the valve cover. As the engine has one camshaft, he had cut the shaft between the cylinders. When turned, in the process of making progress, the shaft was broken was different forces between the cylinder forward from back, the noise produced and therefore the vibrations. The camshaft, and solved matter is changed.
I hope to serve you the experience, and at least serves to advance a little in the diagnosis, and can reach port.
Regards from Valdivia, Andres Fernandez.


marcelo ustarez He has responded to the topic 'TORQUE MOTOR HEAD OF JOURNEY'Forum. yesterday
alberto turcios He has responded to the topic 'quick disconnection of hoses main gas filter'Forum. yesterday

Please let me know which is the tool I've done is tighten a bit with pliers and then pulling hard on the plastic part of the tube. Thank you.


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